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Welcome to Shrub & Co

Shrub & Co elixirs add fruit-forward flavor and complexity to your drinks with a clever combination of sweet and tart notes. Rescued from the obscurity of the colonial era and reimagined for today’s craft cocktail enthusiast, our shrubs enhance your favorite concoctions.

What is Shrub?

A tantalizing blend of fruit, berries or aromatics, sugar and vinegar. Pairs well with spirits, sparkling wine and seltzer water.

Why vinegar?

Vinegar provides a distinct tangy bite that balances perfectly with the sweetness of fresh fruit. Vinegar quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and is very refreshing.

Why cold pressed?

Cold-pressed fruit retains its bright flavor and sweetness. We hand select our fruit to ensure it has the right level of sweetness.

Handcrafted • All Natural • Cold Pressed

Featured Recipe

Strawberry Mimosa

Glass of champagne or sparkling wine
3/4 oz Shrub & Co Strawberry with Meyer Lemon

Fill a champagne glass with your favorite sparkling wine.  Top the glass with about 3/4 oz of Shrub & Co Strawberry, garnish as desired and enjoy!

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