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How To Enjoy

If you’re new to working with cocktail shrubs, here are some general guidelines – but feel free to experiment. Before you make a drink, be sure to shake the bottle well. Our product is natural, so some separation occurs. Please also remember to refrigerate after opening.


Depending on how fruit-forward you prefer your cocktails, we recommend anywhere from 1/4 – 1 oz for each 2 oz serving of your favorite spirit.

Sparkling wine & champagne

¾ oz per glass, or to taste


1 oz per beer, or to taste

Cooking & Alcohol Free Options

If it’s not cocktail hour yet, don’t despair – we enjoy Shrub & Co flavors all day long mixed with sparkling water for a healthy and refreshing non-alcoholic tonic.  Try 1 oz of shrub for every 4 oz sparkling water, and adjust to taste!

Shrub & Co products also work as a gastrique in cooking. We’ve used our shrubs in everything from salad dressings to holiday turkey brine recipes. We’ll soon publish culinary recipes on this site – but let the experimentation begin and tell us what you think!


Handcrafted • All Natural • Cold Pressed

Featured Recipe

Colonial Peach Smash

2 oz bourbon
1 oz water
¾ oz Shrub & Co Peach
½ oz birch syrup (Alaska Wild Harvest)
1 lemon wedge (peeled)
6 mint leaves
Mint sprig for garnish

Muddle the mint leaves along with the birch syrup, water and lemon wedge and strain into collins glass. Add bourbon to mixture, then fill glass with crushed ice.  Stir well and garnish with mint sprig.

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