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How To Enjoy

If you’re new to working with cocktail shrubs, here are some general guidelines – but feel free to experiment. Before you make a drink, be sure to shake the bottle well. Our product is natural, so some separation occurs. Please also remember to refrigerate after opening.


Depending on how fruit-forward you prefer your cocktails, we recommend anywhere from 1/4 – 1 oz for each 2 oz serving of your favorite spirit.

Sparkling wine & champagne

¾ oz per glass, or to taste


1 oz per beer, or to taste

Cooking & Alcohol Free Options

If it’s not cocktail hour yet, don’t despair – we enjoy Shrub & Co flavors all day long mixed with sparkling water for a healthy and refreshing non-alcoholic tonic.  Try 1 oz of shrub for every 4 oz sparkling water, and adjust to taste!

Shrub & Co products also work as a gastrique in cooking. We’ve used our shrubs in everything from salad dressings to holiday turkey brine recipes. We’ll soon publish culinary recipes on this site – but let the experimentation begin and tell us what you think!


Handcrafted • All Natural • Cold Pressed

Featured Recipe

Strawberry Mimosa

Glass of champagne or sparkling wine
3/4 oz Shrub & Co Strawberry with Meyer Lemon

Fill a champagne glass with your favorite sparkling wine.  Top the glass with about 3/4 oz of Shrub & Co Strawberry, garnish as desired and enjoy!

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