Organic Strawberry – 16 oz


Shrub & Co Organic Strawberry pairs with everything from sparkling wine to whiskey.


Whiskey Berry Cocktail
2 oz bourbon or rye
3/4 oz Shrub & Co Organic Strawberry
1/4 oz sweet vermouth
1/4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
Fresh mint leaves

Muddle 2-3 mint leaves at the bottom of a shaker. Combine the other ingredients and add ice.  Shake well and strain into a glass.  Garnish with mint and lemon peel.

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Here is our favorite low-proof refresher with our Organic Strawberry shrub.  It also makes a delicious soda with your in-home carbonation or club soda. Cheers!


Strawberry Aperitif
1.5 oz Dolin Blanc
3/4 oz Shrub & Co Organic Strawberry
Tarragon leaves – about 6
Splash of club soda

Muddle the fresh tarragon in a cocktail shaker.  Combine the dry vermouth and shrub, then add ice and shake ingredients well.  Strain into a glass over crushed ice and splash with soda.


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